Biogrup, S.L. Versió d'Odoo 11.0

Informació sobre Biogrup, S.L. instancia d'Odoo, el ERP de codi obert.

Aplicacions instal·lades

Mass Duplicate Invoices
Apps will help to creates mass duplicate Invoices from list/tree view
My Cart pop-up on Add to Cart Button
My Cart on top right corner of Ecommerce website pop-ups on Add to Cart Button.
Odoo Website PWA
Progressive Web Applications uses web compatibilities and provides an application experience to the users. It is lightning fast in compared to the website and supports push notification.
Whatsapp Delivery Order Integration
Send Whatsapp message to selected customer or vendor in delivery order
Web Login Password Show | Website Show Password
User can see password while login.
Clients potencials, Oportunitats, Activitats
Projectes, Tasques
Website Search Autocomplete
Website e-commerce search autocomplete with high-light match words and image
Gestió d'inventari
Inventari, Logística, Magatzems
Gestió de vendes
Pressupostos, Comandes de Venda, Factures
Discussions, Llistes de Correu, Noticies
Invoicing Management
Enviar factures i seguiment de pagaments
Accounting Management
Financial and Analytic Accounting
Notes fixades, col·laboratius, memoràndums
Constructor del lloc web
Construeixi el seu lloc web corporatiu
Comerç electrònic
Venda de productes en línia
Gestió de Compres
Comandes de compra, Rebuts, Factures de proveïdors
Directori d'empleats
Treballs, departaments i detalls d'empleats
Directori de contactes
Clients, venedors, socis,...
Easy to Create User from Partner.
Easy user creation on partner( easy to provide website access to existing customer )
Import Image from URL
Send Via WhatsApp
Send messages to partners via WhatsApp
Quick Language Selection
Change the language from user preference menu with only one click.
Row Number in tree/list view
Show row number in tree/list view.
Sale Order Automation
Enable auto sale workflow with sale order confirmation. Include operations like Auto Create Invoice, Auto Validate Invoice and Auto Transfer Delivery Order.
Report Printed Check - Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Invoice
This module is useful to identify report printed or not by any user.
Website Category Page
Are you running the store with a large catalog of products? Wanna bring store usability to a new high level? This module is useful to show the category page for the shop. It provides easy catalog images to make the display of categories list more presentable. Grab user's attention on your store page, providing them with the immediate loadable categories listing. The default odoo category bar in the shop doesn't provide a user-friendly way to browse catalogs. Our extension allows you to use better navigation displaying all categories list on the category page. Our module is also useful to show the category name heading on the category page. Easy for customer to navigate different category. Shop Category page, Category page, E-commerce Category page, Odoo Category Page, Website Category page, Shop Catalog page, Catalog page, E-commerce Catalog page, Odoo Catalog Page, Website Catalog page Website Category Page 网站类别页面 Page de catégorie de site Web Website-Kategorieseite Pagina di categoria del sito Web Página de categoría del sitio web Página de categoria do site
User Activity Log
The module will show the recent activity of users
Crear enquestes, recavar respostes i imprimir estadístiques
Email Marketing
Dissenyar, enviar i gestionar correus electrònics
Calendari personal i compartit
Notícies, blogs, anuncis, discussió
Chat en viu
Live Chat with Visitors/Customers